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What a Good Cruise Captain Does:

Once our Fleet Captain has the cruise schedule for the year all set, they will ask for volunteers to run each cruise.  Sometimes it's easier for a new members to pair up with a current member to show them the ropes.  Here is some information that should help.

Cruise Coordination
- Organize: keep a list of member’s name, boat name, departure time, and route if known.
- Coordinate: advise marina how many boats, their sizes, power needs, etc.
- Communicate: inform members how to get slip assignments, any special directions, what to bring, who to contact and how/when to make reservations, any activities.

Activity Coordination
- Plan activities, reserve special facilities, if appropriate.
- Use cruise budget allowance: $50 per day allowance for cruise food and activities.  Keep receipts and submit to club treasurer for reimbursement.
- Fun Creativity: arrange outings, walks, shopping trips, etc.; check into local fishing/shellfish; plan a potluck; make dinner and/or breakfast reservations at a local restaurant.

Promote Safe Boating
- Stay in radio contact while cruising to/from and at the marina until boats are docked.
- Plan to be on the dock, or have someone there, to help receive incoming boats.
- Encourage the buddy system, especially help new members connect with the seasoned boaters.

Cruise Report
- Prepare a report of the cruise, tell about the happenings, and submit to the editor for the month your cruise is in.

Your cruise can be as simple or involved as you want, and activities can be planned or open, especially in a port with lots to do.

Cruise Report Suggestions

After every cruise, the cruise captain should write up a report and send it to the Newsletter.
Following are suggested items the report should contain:
- Name of cruise captain and first mate, and name of their boat
- dates and destination
- names of all members attending, along with boat names
- activities of the cruise
- significant events, such as weather, unusual cruise events (mermaid sightings, shark attacks, keel hauling) , screw up nominations, boat break downs

Theme Ideas:

St Patricks Day
April Fools Day
Flag Day
Independence Day
Summer Daze
Spring Fling
Roaring Twenties
Casino Night
The Thirties
Fabulous Forties
Laid-back Fifties
Live off the Sea
Ice Cream Social
Treasure Hunt
Fall festival
Jetty Island Cruise
Anchoring Cruise
Spring Fishing
Mystery Cruise
Hawaiian Luau
Activity Ideas:

Poker, Black Jack
Cribbage Tournament
Scavenger Hunt
3-legged race
Life ring or rope skill toss
Dinghy races
Knot tying skills
Predicted Log Race
Beach Walk, hikes
Clam, oyster gathering
Crabbing, fishing contests
Trivial Pursuit
Camp fire songs
Pancake Breakfast
Baby Picture contest
Crazy Hat Contest
Kite Flying
Progressive dinner